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Postacoaster Funny Welsh Coasters
Postacoaster Funny Welsh CoastersPostacoaster Welsh design coastersPostacoaster pack reverse for address and message

Postacoaster Funny Welsh Coasters”


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Fine quality Coasters available in several different Welsh themes, sold individually in a special postacoaster envelope. Send them like postcards...All you need to do is write a message and address, put on a Large Letter stamp and send it! These funny Welsh themes are guaranteed to make you smile!

If you would like us to send them directly to someone, please enter a short message in the box above.

* Anyone can cuddle, but only the Welsh can Cwtch

* Rush Hour in Wales

* I'll do it now in a minute

* My friends went to Wales and all they got me was this lousy coaster

* Hanging out in Cymru Wales

* The Flag of Wales - with the Words CYMRU and WALES

* Keep calm and Cwtch

* The 10 Welsh Commandments

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