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”Wales Dragon Hip Flask”

Hip Flask - Wales Dragon



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6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask featuring the Welsh Dragon and the word WALES.

Complete with box, a perfect gift for any gentleman.

Available with the dragon and word in Gold colour or silver (plain pewter) colour - please select requirement below.

In heraldry a dragon varies greatly especially in the shape of its ears, however the wings are those of a bat. The tongue and the tail can often be barbed and breathes out fire, it is also a symbol of power, wisdom and the one who has overcome an adversary.

The poets Aneirin and Taliesin use the Welsh word for dragon  draig in the sense of a warrior or leader. This use is reflected in the Arthurian Legends where the British chiefs in times of extreme danger were conferred in the title  Pendragon or headed-dragon, investing them with supreme power, such as that granted to Uther Pendragon, King Arthurs father.

Made in the U.K.

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